O que é a Impressão 3D?

3D Printing technology, or Additive Manufacturing, creates physical objects from computer-aided designs (CAD) or other types of models. The process involves creating a digital blueprint, cutting it into cross-sections and then laying these sections on top of a print bed, layer by layer. There are numerous ways to apply 3D Printing in order to improve product design processes, from digital sketches to manufacturing.

3D printed prototypes are important for several reasons. Designers and engineers can use physical models to test and refine the shape and function of a design before choosing the right specifications for production. Prototypes also help identify any basic design or functionality issues that would be costly to fix after mass production. A physical model can be tested, modified and retested over and over again until the design is refined.

3D Printing also makes design and prototyping more affordable through reduced costs, thus enabling more test iterations in less time. Designers can share 3D printed models with co-workers or customers for feedback before investing in larger expenses like tooling or production.

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