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Our Engineering Process

We design the Product

Don’t have the part design? CODI 3D LAB has a dedicated team capable of turning an idea on paper into a final part.

We know about Engineering

We know about Engineering and this knowledge will define the best materials and processes for your production.

We develop the Prototype

Quality. Resistance. Guarantee. We test the prototype so that the final part has the required properties and characteristics.

We manufacture

Whether it’s a small, medium or large series, we have a large number of equipment capable of satisfying your production needs.

[ process ]

How does our Process work?

  • 01

    We understand your need

  • 02

    3D File

  • 03

    We know about Engineering

  • 04

    We develop and test the prototype

  • 05

    We produce

  • 06

    We ship your order

CODI seeks to understand all the details of your part, so that the prototype or the final part has the necessary conditions for its purpose.
Share your 3D CAD file with us. If you still don’t have it, CODI's dedicated team will turn your idea into a final product, creating the 3D file.
Material properties, what are the deformation points, what is the best orientation of the part? CODI knows about engineering and is ready to take greater advantage of its production.
Complex parts require a thorough inspection. At CODI we test the prototype, ensuring that it meets all the requirements of your order before we produce it.
prototypes. Small series. Average size series. CODI has a dedicated production team that allows maximum reliability and repeatability of your prototype.
CODI will deliver your order to your door, from North to South of the country.
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Who we are

We are the leading company in Additive Manufacturing in Portugal, providing the best 3D Solutions on the market!

We are divided into two main business areas:

CODI 3D Lab – Design, Product Development, Prototyping and Production

CODI 3D Factory Store – Sale of equipment for Professional 3D Printing, 3D Scanners and Software

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